Vision 20/20 originated with representatives from the Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA), the Illinois Principals Association (IPA), the Illinois Association of School Business Officials (IASBO), the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB), the Superintendents’ Commission for the Study of Demographics and Diversity (SCSDD), and the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools (IARSS).

ecralogoThe Vision 20/20 process was facilitated and managed by ECRA Group, Inc., a third party educational consulting firm. For a list of original committee members, click here.

Vision 20/20 continues to expand its influence and broaden its base. The current committee structure is organized by the Vision 20/20 pillars of Highly Effective Educators, 21st Century Learning, Shared Accountability, and Equitable and Adequate Funding. Committee members includes representatives across a wide range of organizations. Below are the representatives that currently serve as Vision 20/20 committee members.


Jose Torres – Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Margaret Johnson – ICE
Elliot Regenstein – Ounce of Prevention
Ralph Martire – CTBE
Kevin O’Mara – Argo Community High School
Rebecca Vonderlack-Navarro – LATINO POLICY FORUM
Linda Lucke – DKG
Cindy Stover – IACTE
Kelly Ruwe – Horace Mann Companies
Tom Hochstein – Horace Mann Companies
Rob Werden – Illinois Career and Technical Administrators
Stephanie Bernoteit – Board of Education
Dr. Genevra Walters – The Superintendents’ Commission
Dr. Sheila Harrison‐Williams – The Superintendents’ Commission
Jeff Vose – ROE #51
Diane Rutledge – LUDA
Matthew John Rodriguez – IL PTA President
Peg Agnos – LEND/SCOPE
Kevin Rubenstein – IAASE
Caryn Valadez – ED-RED
Phil Morris – Technology Leader Group



Carolyne Brooks – IASB Board of Director: Past Immed. President
Chair: Dr. Lindsay Hall – Supt. at Morton – IASA
Mary Ticknor – Lemont HSD 210
Rebecca Vonderlack-Navarro – LATINO POLICY FORUM
Katrina Plese – IACTE
Cathy Carruthers – IACTE
David Messersmith – Illinois Career and Technical Administrators
Stephanie Bernoteit – Board of Higher Education
Dr. Tina Halliman – The Superintendents’ Commission
Dr. Sandra Thomas – The Superintendents’ Commission
Angie Zarvell – ROE#28
Tammy Muerhoff – ROE #49
Kathy Marshall – ROE #28
Jennifer Edmonds – Retired Curriculum Director – -IPA
Kelly Ruwe – Horace Mann
Jon Bernardy – Horace Mann
Kimberly Lisanby-Barber – Spring Valley Elem. Principal – IPA
Jennifer Hermes – Lake Forest Schools, Asst. Supt. – Ill ASBO
Paul Starck-King – Antioch School District – Ill ASBO
Lou Cavallo – Forest Park Supt. – IASA
Don Owen – Urbana/LUDA
Jami Hodge – IAASE
Karen Janettas – IAASE



Phil Pritzker – IASB Board of Director: Vice President
Chair: Ralph Grimm – IASA
Ralph Martire – CTBA
Bobby Otter – CTBA
Jennifer Kelsall – Ridgewood HSD 234
Elizabeth Kaufman – IACTE
Nick Chatterton – Illinois Career and Technical Administrators
Stephanie Bernoteit – State Board of Higher Education
Dr. Sonya Whitacker – The Superintendents’ Commission
Shelly Davis‐Jones – The Superintendents’ Commission
Mark Klaisner – Roe West 40
Matt Donkin – ROE #21
Jamie Lodge – ROE #30
Dan Krause – Willowbrook High School – IPA
Brian Minsker – IL PTA President Elect
Cathy Johnson – District 214 – Ill ASBO
Dean Romano – Yorkville District – Ill ASBO
Barry Bolek – THSD 113 – Ill ASBO
Gary Kelly – DuQuoin Supt. – IASA
Dr. Jeff Schuler – Wheaton-Warrenville/LUDA
Dr. Nakia Hall – Professor at the University of St. Francis
Judy Hackett – IAASE


21st Century Learning

Karen Fisher – IASB Board of Director: President
Chair: Dr. Julie Schmidt – Supt. Kildeer Countryside – IASA
Margaret Johnson – ICE
Jonathan Doster – Ounce of Prevention
James Dunlap – Evergreen Park HSD 231
Cristina Pacione-Zayas – LATINO POLICY FORUM
Brian Gordon – IACTE
Nick Elder – IACTE
Candace Mueller – Board of Higher Education
Dr. Kimako Patterson – The Superintendents’ Commission
Dr. Michelle Morris – The Superintendents’ Commission
Aaron Mercier – ROE #8
Steve Lee – MacArthur Middle School – IPA
David Hill – Comm. Cons. District 93
Eric Miller – Glenview #34 – Ill ASBO
Mark Altmayer – Huntley School Dist. – Ill ASBO
Hector Garcia – Plano Supt – IASA
Barry Reilly – Bloomington/ LUDA
Jim Peterson – Bloomington Tech Dir./ LUDA
Scott Hogan – IAASE
Phil Morris – Technology Leader Group



Thomas Neeley – IASB Board of Director: Treasurer
Dale Hansen – IASB Board of Director
Chair: Gary Tipsord – Leroy Dist. #2
Ralph Martire – CTBA
Bobby Otter – CTBA
Jim Gay – CHSD 230 – HSDO – Scope
Paula Rademacher – IACTE
Chris Kendall – Illinois Career and Technical Administrators
Candace Mueller – Board of Higher Education
Dr. Darryl Taylor – The Superintendents’ Commission
Dr. Donna Leak – The Superintendents’ Commission
Mark Jontry – ROE #17
Chad Hoesman – ROE #40
Ryan Wamser – ROE #50
Sean German – Argenta-Oreana High School – IPA
Barb Quinn – IL PTA Federal Legislative Director
Susan Harkin – Comm. Unit District 300 – Ill ASBO
Lyndl Schuster – River Trails School Dist. – Ill ASBO
Julie-Ann Fuchs – Kaneland Dist. – Ill ASBO
Tad Everett – Sterling Supt. – IASA
Mike Oberhaus – Rock Island/LUDA
Doug Moeller – Dekalb /LUDA
Tarin Kendrick – IAASE
Brenda Patrick – IAASE
Cheryl Witham – ED-RED