• WBEZ Morning Shift – IASBO Executive Director Discusses Vision 20/20

    Chicago Public School students are getting ready to get back to class after Labor Day, and the district is gearing up for a new year with a new CEO and some old budget problems. But there are more than 2 million kids enrolled statewide, and many districts have already started, including many suburban schools…We’re joined by Dr. Mary Kearney, interim Superintendent for the Archdiocesan Office of Catholic Schools, Michael A. Jacoby, Executive Director of the Illinois Association of School Business Officials and WBEZ Northwest Indiana reporter Michael Puente.

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  • Roger Eddy on WBEZ

    Administrators and school board members are releasing a report that outlines a series of policy changes they hope Illinois lawmakers will consider in the next legislative session. Among some of their recommendations are a change to state law that would allow a practicing educator to serve on the state board and recategorizing unfunded mandates as “discretionary”. Roger Eddy the head of the Illinois Association of School Boards joins us to discuss the recommendations.

    Guest: Roger Eddy

    Original Air Date: 11/19/2014

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