• Press Release: Gov. Rauner signs HB2657, ensuring “highly effective” teachers hired, developed, and retained in schools statewide

    Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed a historic education bill HB2657, which will ensure that the State of Illinois will now pursue, hire, develop and retain highly effective teachers for public schools statewide, Vision 20/20 announced today.

      HB2657 Press Release, July 22, 2015
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  • Public Act 99-0058 Education Licensure Reciprocity Agreements



    In order to recruit and retain highly qualified teacher and administrator candidates, Illinois should allow and streamline educator licensure reciprocity agreements with other states. This will ensure that Illinois school districts have access to the best quality candidates, regardless of the state where individuals received their initial educator license.

    Support Legislative Initiative for Educator Reciprocity so that:

    • In emergency situations, school districts can employ for up to 120 days substitute teachers who hold a Professional Educator License or License with Stipulations that is endorsed for the grade level of instruction.
    • Teachers that have completed an evidence based assessment of teacher effectiveness or a test of basic skills in another state, do not have to complete additional Illinois assessments upon initial licensure.
    • Out-of-state teachers seeking licensure that have completed the same required coursework as in-state candidates need only verify program completion to receive an Professional Educator License. (Those who have not completed required coursework will receive a License with Stipulations and be required to complete any deficient coursework.)
    • Endorsements for out-of-state applicants for a Principal Endorsement or Superintendent Endorsement are available to individuals who have completed an out-of-state approved education program to become a principal or superintendent, met State exam requirements and received a certificate or license endorsed in a teaching field. (Those who have not passed State exams may receive a Provisional Endorsement.)
    • Endorsements for out-of-state applicants for a Chief School Business Official Endorsement are available to those individuals with a master’s degree in school business management, finance, or accounting; completed an internship in school business management or have 2 years of experience as a school business administrator; met all State exam requirements; and have completed modules in reading methods, Special Education, and English Learners.

    Governor approved: 07/16/2015
    Public Act 99-0058
    Effective Date: July 16, 2015

    Contact the initiative: questions@illinoisvision2020.org