Together, we are committed to supporting and promoting the priorities of this vision.  Priorities within the four Vision 20/20 pillars for the next legislative session and with the new Governor include:

Highly Effective Educators

Increasing the availability and equitable distribution of high-quality educators must be a top priority, not only because of the teacher shortage situation but because research shows the best thing we as a state can do to improve public education is attract and develop highly effective educators. Continuous, high-quality, job-embedded professional development and opportunities for educator collaboration are a necessary part of an effective continuous improvement process.

21st Century Learning

All Illinois students deserve 21st-century instruction that provides equitable access to modern learning environments that allows them to learn and apply knowledge, think creatively, and be well-prepared for a global citizenry. Learning is not limited to the classroom or school day. Illinois’s public education must provide a pathway from high-quality early childhood education to beyond grade 12; preparing students for college and careers, both known and unknown, as well as for global citizenship.

Shared Accountability

Student learning should be the number one priority of the education system. Providing greater flexibility in local decision-making will allow for innovation and a direct impact on student performance. Ultimately, accountability for student learning rests in the local school district. As such, educators’ experiences and voices are essential to crafting effective education policy.

Equitable & Adequate Funding

The General Assembly made great strides toward financial equity with the adoption of an Evidence-Based Funding Model, a Vision 20/20 initiative (Enacted as Public Act 100-0465 – Evidence-Based Funding for Student Success Act). Now, it is imperative to fund more than the minimum funding level required by statute to ensure all students have equitable access to a high-quality educational programs and safe educational environments. In addition, local school districts must have autonomy and flexibility to match resources most effectively with local needs.

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