• Illinois Times – Going to bat for education

  • Roger Eddy on WBEZ

    Administrators and school board members are releasing a report that outlines a series of policy changes they hope Illinois lawmakers will consider in the next legislative session. Among some of their recommendations are a change to state law that would allow a practicing educator to serve on the state board and recategorizing unfunded mandates as “discretionary”. Roger Eddy the head of the Illinois Association of School Boards joins us to discuss the recommendations.

    Guest: Roger Eddy

    Original Air Date: 11/19/2014

    Full WBEZ soundcloud.com link: https://soundcloud.com/morningshiftwbez/liinois-school-leaders-push

  • Daily Herald – Education Coalition Unveils Policy Recommendations

  • Leadership Matters Newsletter – October 2014

    leadershipmattersWe are pleased to distribute the link to the October issue of our online newsletter Leadership Matters. This issue highlights an Illinois superintendent’s letter to parents that struck a chord, went viral and spread all over the country. This issue includes:

    • A message from IASA Executive Director Dr. Brent Clark about community outreach and the important role that will play in the upcoming rollout of our Vision 20/20 initiative to provide a road map for public education inn Illinois.
    • The cover story about the impact of the back-to-school letter Peru Elementary Superintendent Mark Cross sent to parents. The letter ended up going all over the country and elicited hundreds of responses.
    • A column by State Superintendent Dr. Christopher A. Koch about the new Illinois Learning Standards.
    • A column by Dr. Richard Voltz about PERA and the state default model for student growth

    We hope you enjoy this edition and find the information useful. We welcome your column and story ideas as well as your suggestions for themes or topics to cover in future editions of Leadership Matters. Thanks!

    Click on the cover image or on the link here to view the October issue of Leadership Matters


  • Dr Clark – 1st Vision 20/20 Subcommittee Meeting

    Click here to view Dr. Clark’s welcome and introduction from the first Vision 20/20 subcommittee meeting on June 6th, 2013.

  • Matt Plater on WTVP

    A discussion of the use of technology in a program known as 1:1 where the teacher is no longer the lecturer but rather is a facilitator for discussion. With classrooms filled with mainstreamed special needs students, average students and gifted students, the new digital format make it very easy for teachers to differentiate instruction by pushing out different assignments to different student, i.e.: 15 math problems to some, 20 to others and 30 to others without the students even knowing they have different assignments.

    Matt Plater – Superintendent, Havana School District

    Original Air Date: 10/24/2013

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