Vision 20/20 began with a survey to key stakeholder populations regarding the desired future direction of education across Illinois. Approximately 3,400 individuals participated, including 661 current and former Illinois superintendents. Since then, Vision 20/20 has grown to represent more than 524 districts and 25 educational organizations. Eight hundred fifty-seven individual petitions have been signed indicating support for a brighter tomorrow for public education. Four areas of prioritization, or pillars were established: highly effective educators, 21st century learning, shared accountability, and equitable & adequate funding.

Vision 20/20’s policy platform reflects educators from across the state and is representative of opinions from the southern tip of Illinois through the northern Chicago suburbs. Although the City of Chicago operates under a separate school code, they face many similar challenges. This vision is the result of input from over 3,000 key stakeholders, discussions with field experts, and a review of current literature on best practices.

Conscious that no single legislative attempt at school improvement can be developed, implemented, or find success without the support, devotion, and hard work of all stakeholders, Vision 20/20 asks not just for state action, but also for local action and the support of educators across the state to fulfill the promise of public education. On behalf of the over two million schoolchildren in Illinois, we challenge the State Legislature, the Governor, and all stakeholders to take action.

Our organizations contributed their time, insight, and advocacy to the Vision 20/20 process. Together, we are committed to supporting and promoting the priorities of this vision. Vision 20/20 continues to expand its influence and broaden its base. The current organization structure of Vision 20/20 is around four pillars of Highly Effective Educators, 21st Century Learning, Shared Accountability, and Equitable and Adequate Funding.

Now, we are on the verge of 20/20 and we reflect what we have accomplished and what has yet to be done. And we have made a difference. But there is still more work to be done.

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