To access the 21st Century Learning Center on iTunes U directly:

  1. Install latest version of iTunes (iTunes 12.2.2 for Windows users). If using an iPad or iPhone, download iTunes U app.
  2. Check browser security settings. Allow launching of external apps in browser settings/preferences.
  3. Click “View in iTunes” button.
  4. Browser may prompt user to launch application. Select iTunes as the application.

*If the above steps are unsuccessful, launch iTunes and search “Illinois Association of School Administrators” in iTunes search bar.

The Illinois Vision 20/20 21st Century Learning Center on iTunes U is part of the ongoing school transformation work and welcomes feedback and suggestions to continuously improve these iTunes U course resource collections. This site currently contains high school course materials and resources for math, science, English, and social studies curated by Illinois teachers for the Vision 20/20 project. For additional information, please contact

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